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Uncover your potential, realise opportunities and execute tactics that drive results

Marketing without a strategy is like trying to navigate in the dark. But armed with a clear and effective strategy, you will be guided towards achieving your business goals. At Pink Flamingo, we go deeper than the surface. We take the time to understand your business, explore all of your opportunities, define clear objectives and identify marketing tactics that will generate the best results. Working collaboratively with you and your team, we develop clear, effective and measurable marketing, brand, communications and digital strategies that enable you to reach your goals.

We will carefully analyse your goals and set up the strategy for online marketing channels & platforms, indicating the best approaches for paid, earned, and owned media.

We will help you in channelling the best quality, organic traffic that delivers conversions, not just hits. Backlink building, website optimisation, keyword recommendations and rank tracking to penetrate content saturation in the SEO era.

We will help you managed your channel specific strategy, competitor analysis and content partnerships for social amplification. Connect to users, optimise different forms of content across different social platforms.

We will create for you a multilingual, original, credible, and purpose-driven content formulated around the buyer persona. Digital content that exceeds standard SEO best practices.

We help you centralise and manage all your contacts, campaigns and ROI reporting, sales pipeline and ensure effort is put into the right leads.

For your own use

In collaboration with your team, we can create a Digital Marketing strategies and action plan for your team’s execution. 

Done on your behalf

You can chose us for end-to-end execution of the Digital Media strategies and it’s execution. We will work as your external team. 

About the project

Intimni is a virtual business, providing online education for adults. It’s mission is to improve the life quality by providing access from anywhere at anytime to high quality online education. Intimni provides e-learning and on-line coaching sessions for people seeking personal growth.

They came to Pink Flamingo for building visual grounds for the brand.

We have been working with the founder of Intimni on creating branding, online strategy and web design.

In the second stage, we also won trust to manage all social channels for Intimni.


Branding, Design, Marketing, Webdesign, Social Media strategy and execution



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