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automate knowledge sharing process with customised in-house e-learning

Your company is as good as your employees knowledge. Knowledge sharing, especially to new employees is time and resources consuming process, which can be easily automated with right e-learning courses, created for your business and available to your employees at anytime from any place. We are specialised in LMS platform selection and building crafted e-learning courses.

Strategy & platform

We will help you analyse your needs and current process to see what can be automated and transformed to e-learning courses. We will help you choose the right platform according to your size, expectations and budgets.

course development

Based on the analyses, we will design courses that will fit right audience with right content. Next, we will develop interactive and engaging e-learning, which will keep your employees interested in knowledge acquisition.


Client has a few hundreds of sales people across Asia-Pacific region, who need to be up-to-date with all products and services. Considering a high job rotation, it was difficult to deliver standard  product training to all new employees, and therefore, it was decided to build an automated system, which will shorten the delivery time and ensure, that regardless of the location and time, new hires will have instant access to the knowledge. We have created a training strategy and advice on the LMS platform selection.

Next we acquired all necessary product knowledge and based on that, we have designed and developed interactive courses with tests at the end and few levels of advancement.


Platform Selection, Structure development, Content creation


Senior Manager

March 2018

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