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Marketing strategy

Success begins with a vision

Establishing a strong marketing strategy is fundamental for the growth of your business. Ultimately it helps you identify your untapped potential and position your products or services to better meet the needs of your target audience. 

At Pink Flamingo, we work with businesses to craft comprehensive marketing strategies that act to provide clarity when it comes to decision making. Our team of strategists guide you through the strategy development process, ensuring you consider all relevant insights before establishing clear, measurable and achievable goals. From here, we help you choose the most appropriate marketing tactics for your business to help you meet your objectives and provide the greatest return on investment (ROI).

marketing strategy

How it works

We will start form a consultation workshop involving you and your team. In this workshop, our team will help you dive deep into your brand or business to pick relevant insights that will then be used to identify, understand and articulate your vision and goals.

What will you get

At the end you will be given a solid and documented marketing strategy. This will help you easily deploy necessary actions step by step. You will know what, why and how to do to achieve your business goals.

About the project

LTN Accounting was looking to re-brand its online business image, including new, pro-active website, which will generate leads and create social media presence.

Pink Flamingo team based on the in-depth business analyses crafted digital marketing strategy, addressing all key  business objectives.

Our web designer carefully studied old website, checking what is not working well at the moment and what does. The new website was build using modern design, ensuring it is user- and mobile-friendly. And what was the most important to our client, that is it easy to maintain.

Our Social Media specialists delivered Social Media workshop to marketing team, explaining how to effectively grow and managed social media addressing full customer journey.

There is nothing more important to us, than satisfied client. 


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March 2020

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